Choosing a Sustainable Diversification For Your Next Impact Venture.

At a time when most countries are fighting the pandemic, the role of companies in this scenario is fundamental. It is time to take action, to dare to discover new processes, such as diversification, an exercise that, sooner or later, ends up being carried out by the vast majority of companies, always understood as a living entity that has to be in continuous change, either by modifying its current product offering or by the introduction of new ones.




With the appropriate advice from experts in the field, growth and expansion strategies allow companies to attract new clients and expand their area of ​​activity in the market. This is the case of Telvor Services, a company founded by Óscar Gómez whose main source of income is the installation of ATMs, but which, taking sustainability as the main route, has embarked on a new business path. Specifically, his company has started a new line of business related to the construction of sustainable wooden houses. A diversification that is usually oriented towards different sectors than the one traditionally occupied by the company, such as this one.

However, for a company to be truly sustainable, it is not enough to offer a product that is. You must also apply sustainability to your day to day where the work environment is happy and enriching for all of us who make up the company and who perceive that the purpose is honest. Not only making economic balance but also happiness and social contribution.




The sustainable development of a company must be embedded in its DNA to become something real.

A path that not only offers great benefits, but also significant satisfactions to entrepreneurs who commit to it in the long term. With a sustainable business ecosystem, diversification to conquer new horizons is easy. We do not have to leave aside that the figure and attitude of the CEO at this time is key to start expanding & fly and demonstrating a proactive attitude leading the company towards its growth generating positive impact by prioritizing the team a talent it is a must.

From Visionalley, we accompany your company to create your next impact venture.

Our corporate venture strategy allows companies with years of experience to tease out ideas based on their long-term know-how, launch them fast, and benefit from a new line of business without damaging the mother brand and those who are part of the company bringing its magic day by day.

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