Using our proven method, our venture team works alongside our corporate partners to build new, digitally-driven businesses.

Our Methodology Conducting user research phase
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The key to our corporate partnerships is how rapidly we can move from idea to product to business

By injecting your team with new ways of thinking and thereby promoting new-found practices, we help develop a positive culture of creativity and disruption.

Objective 1

To help your business analyse the current state of your sector, taking into account all social, economic and technological trends.

Objective 2

Using this knowledge, your team will design a coherent list of concepts and disruptive ideas which will be put forward at the closing pitch presentation party.

Objective 3

Then, with help from our strategists, your company will choose 3 of these ideas and develop them into potential new lines of business.


How we do it


Your team will be stimulated by a series of talks with experts from a variety of different fields. Each speaker is carefully chosen, taking into account the industry context and the strengths and weaknesses of your company.

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Applying our VAY methodology, we encourage your team to generate an array of ideas that will then be whittled down into three clear, alternative lines of business that would run in parallel to your company

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We can develop and launch one chosen spin-off within our Venture Program®, helping you diversify your revenue streams and add value to your company while taking advantage of your internal talent.

This programme will enable your company to co-create your own successful spin-off with our expert team.


How we do it

Step 1

Focus & Design

Identify the key players within your current business who will be transferred to your entrepreneurial spin-off team.

Tease out an idea that aligns with your company’s core values, successfully targets overlooked segments of the market and leads to disruptive innovation.

Build your value proposition with purpose, either responding to your current market’s needs or entering a brand new one.

Step 2

Excel & Launch

Design your service or product through highly efficient Design Sprints.

Define an optimal, effective customer experience.

Validate your product and feel confident about your launch.

Introduce your product to market with a powerful brand image.

Step 3

Expand & Fly

Establish a clear strategy for innovation-driven growth.

Create a personalised digital marketing plan.

Ensure there is iterative customer validation.

Prepare for future business actions.

Reasons to start a 
corporate venture

What is a corporate venture?

Learning from past mistakes and leaving them safely behind, corporates are able to separate the successful parts of their business into a second entity that runs in parallel to the main business.

Our corporate venture strategy allows companies with years of experience to tease out ideas based on their long-term know-how, launch them fast, and benefit from a new line of business without damaging the mother brand.

Why do you need it?

First and foremost, corporate ventures provide businesses with the opportunity to improve their internal processes while also profiting from a new venture. But they also do far more than this. Ventures breathe new life into businesses, they transform ideas into realities and provide forward-thinking entrepreneurs with the stage to innovate. They allow businesses to enter entirely new industries and learn from them; they encourage the development of new, digital strategies, and they can focus teams, train individuals, and crucially, retain and inspire internal talent.

With a venture, corporate companies are made stronger, sustainable and future-savvy.

What does your company need to
create a venture and be successful?

  • Transform your company culture by injecting new ways of thinking, creating and making.
  • Develop your innovation and product development capacity.
  • Drive digital transformation by collaborating with some of the most talented entrepreneurs in your industry.
  • Discover the future of technology while expanding your knowledge of industry innovations, application trends and insights.
  • Meet inspiring people and join our global network of mentors, founders and investors.


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